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GE AKTA Purifier 100 FPLC is a fast protein liquid chromatograph or FPLC, which is capable of handling a wide range of wavelengths. This FPLC has a capacity of up to 100 ml per minute

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Agilent 6890 N  Gas Chromatograph (GC) systems  one of the best Gas Chromatograph (GC) systems which produces excellent results for various research laboratory applications including hydrocarbon processing, food safety, pesticide determination, chemical analysis, biodiesel, drug screening, toxicology, environmental and law enforcement

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Agilent 1200 Series G4226A 1290 Infinity Autosampler offers a comprehensive portfolio of LC solutions that give you uncompromised chromatographic performance. Agilent instruments, supplies, and critical instrument parts are essential for confidence in your results.

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Mettler Toledo XP2U Ultra Microbalance is an innovative ultra-microbalance, providing optimal weighing performance and designed to boost efficiency and reliability as well as support network compatibility.

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Tuttnauer 3870EA Fully Automatic Autoclave Sterilizer is designed for the active surgery center, medical clinic, industrial lab, doctor's office, dental practice, veterinary facility, or tattoo establishment with features a unique closed door active drying system

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SAKURA VIP 5E F2 Tissue Processor is designed for fast, streamlined operation which offers easy-to-use software for managing reagents, renaming solutions and programs, and defining cleaning cycles according to your needs.

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Thermo Nicolet 6700 FT-IR Laboratory Spectrometer has the power to handle both research and routine analysis experiments and fully upgradeable, routine and advanced research FT-IR spectrometer focused on power and flexibility.

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MAT95 XP come with High mass resolution, high performance and productivity with capabilities for solving routine analytical problems

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