Mettler Toledo XS105 DualRange Analytical Balance


Mettler Toledo XS105

New product

Mettler Toledo Model XS105 DualRange Analytical Balance sets new standards in weighing performance and more accurate and stabilization times dramatically shorter.


Mettler Toledo Model XS105 DualRange Analytical Balance sets new standards in weighing performance and more accurate and stabilization times dramatically shorter.

Mettler Toledo Model XS105 DualRange Analytical Balance, 41g/120g Capacity, 0.01mg/0.1mg Readability The Excellence XS Analytical Balance Line with its innovative accessories sets new standards for fast and efficient weighing processes.

The unique SmartGrid weighing pan shortens stabilization time and the high performance weighing cell ensures accurate and repeatable results. ErgoClips allow direct dosing and avoid sample transfer errors, resulting in significant cost savings, particularly for valuable materials.

Mettler Toledo Model XS105 DualRange Analytical Balance touchscreen display with configurable operation fields and other application-specific solutions enable ergonomic weighing processes.

Special Features:

  • Fast, stable results: SmartGrid, the new grid weighing pan, speeds up your weighing process. The grid structure minimizes the area which air turbulence in the weighing chamber can act on – to maximum effect: shorter settling time s- stabilization times -, faster results
  • Ergonomic weighing system: ErgoClips, the attachments for round-bottom flasks, test tubes, and weighing boats, simplify your specific weighing tasks
  • Easy cleaning: Because SmartGrid is fastened at the side, underneath the weighing pan remains completely free. As well as that, the draft shield can be completely dismantled. Together, that makes cleaning the analytical balance easier than ever before
  • Operation with touch screen: Three different display settings for user-friendly weighing. Fast access to the menu via the touch-screen display
  • Flexibility in weighing: If space is short, the terminal can be placed at the side of, or above, the balance. For better readability, the tilt of the terminal can be adjusted
  • Backlit graphics display with touch-screen operation
  • FACT fully automatic temperature-controlled internal adjustment
  • Weighing adapter for optimal adaptation to the environment
  • RS232 interface built in; plug-in module for optional second interface available
  • Glass draft shield with flexible configuration
  • Protective cover for the terminal
  • Feedthrough for weighing below the balance
  • C/DC adapter for power supply connection: primary 100-240V, -15%/+10%, 50/60 Hz, 0.8 A; secondary 12VDC, ± 5%, 2.25 A (electronic overload protection)
  • Download software via the Internet
  • Show various different weighing units
  • Can be tared over the entire weighing range
  • Can be adapted to the environment
  • Determine the densities of solid, liquid, and pasty substances
  • Formula-weigh and totalize, Display statistics with ±, %
  • Calculate coefficients, Alphanumeric sample ID
  • Communicate in different languages: e, f, g, i, sp, russ, jap
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Product Literature:

Mettler Toledo - XS105
Capacity120 g / 41 g
Readability0.1 mg / 0.01 mg
Pan Size78 x 73 mm / 3.07 x 2.87"
Taring range0 - 120 g
Repeatability at Maximum Capacity (sd)0.1 mg
Linearity± 0.2 mg
Eccentric Load0.3 mg
Adjustment with internal weightsFACT, fully automatic calibration technology
Adjustment with external weightsCustom weight
Settling Time1.5 Sec / 3 Sec
Dimensions of the balance (W x D x H)263 x 453 x 322 mm
Usable height of draft shield235 mm

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