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Tuttnauer 3870EA Fully Automatic Autoclave Sterilizer is designed for the active surgery center, medical clinic, industrial lab, doctor's office, dental practice, veterinary facility, or tattoo establishment with features a unique closed door active drying system


HP Agilent 6850A G2630A GC System Gas Chromatograph is an excellent choice for any laboratory where bench space, ease of use, and independent channel flexibility are important.


Mettler Toledo UMX2 Microbalance is a reliable and dependable addition to image your lab with Combining top-notch and uncompromising quality with an affordable price, Umx Ultra-Microbalances UMX2/ 46620-600 can fulfill your laboratory needs while still offering a great value for the money.


Fluke 985 Airborne Particle Counter is the portable solution for determining airborne particle concentrations. Use the Fluke 985 to immediately respond to occupant complaints, or as part of a comprehensive preventive maintenance program.


Mettler Toledo Model XS105 DualRange Analytical Balance sets new standards in weighing performance and more accurate and stabilization times dramatically shorter.


Kirby Lester KL20 PILL CAPSUPLE Counting System includes important advances in workflow management, order tracking and medication safety and dispense all oral solids and verify 100% of all orders.


Kirby Lester KL25 Tablet Pill Counter is an easy-to-use, hands-free tablet counter for short-run counting, inventory/QC, or smaller bottle-filling needs. The KL25 counts and bottles in a semi-automatic process, eliminating manual counting and improving accuracy.


Mettler Toledo AX-204 Analytical Balance is a reliable and relatively inexpensive option for an analytical balance and uses the SmartGrid system which does not offer you the standard flat weighing pan, but instead a grid or we like to call it a grill

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