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TruScan RM handheld Raman spectrometer can Acquire reliable material identity verification within Minutes


Agilent 1290 Infinity Series is the most adaptive UHPLC system and the most powerful because can handle the widest range of applications HPLC to UHPLC


Olympus BH2 Phase Contrast Microscope is top-quality microscopes tacilitates and superior optics and customizability, and it soon became very well known for both


Olympus BX45 Binocular Microscope come with ergonomic concerns which flexibility helps the operator maintain an upright, comfortable posture, especially beneficial for prolonged observation periods.


Leica DM6000 Fluorescent Microscope provides all transmitted light contrast methods including the world’s first fully automated Differential Interference Contrast and lightens your daily workload even more with the motorized stage, motorized objective nosepiece and, of course, motor focus.


Olympus SC100 10.5 Megapixel Microscope offers unsurpassed lateral resolution without compromising sensitivity requirements and allows samples to be investigated in minute detail, particularly when using a low magnification objective.


Olympus BX-50 Fluorescence Microscope range took the competition by surprise and was extremely well received by microscope users with featured superior operability, excellent rigidity, and first-class optical performance


Olympus IMT-2 Inverted Microscope Phase DIC Condenser is an inverted microscope for experiments with Brightfield, Phase contrast and DIC.

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