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Leica DM6000 Fluorescent Microscope provides all transmitted light contrast methods including the world’s first fully automated Differential Interference Contrast and lightens your daily workload even more with the motorized stage, motorized objective nosepiece and, of course, motor focus.


Olympus BX61 Fluorescent Microscope has a built-in motorized Z-drive to create a user-friendly general purpose imaging solution system and can be equipped with a motorized nosepiece, condenser, reflected light or fluorescence illuminator, and up to three 6-position filter wheels in various locations.


Nikon SMZ 645 Zoom Stereomicroscope were developed specially to meet the needs of customers who demand more advanced features and higher performance at lower prices and become the new standard for stereoscopic zoom microscopes in the 21st century.


Leica MZ16A Stereomicroscope is the best fluores-cence stereomicroscope with controls the filter changer, zoom, focus, UV shutter and double iris diaphragm at the touch of a button, and replicates your multifluorescence experiments very quickly,exactly and ergonomically.


Olympus BX41 Fluorescence Microscope has still greater versatility, better performance and simpler operation and available for left and right hand use, with stage tension adjustable to suit individual preferences. 


Olympus BX 60 Fluorescence Microscope has light pathways for transmitted or reflected brightfield, DIC, darkfield, and fluorescence (filters for TRITC, DAPI and FITC). The stage can accommodate devices, printed materials, microfluidic apparati, and cell cultures


Mitutoyo FS70 Microscope Model FS70Z-THS is an ideal choice for many inspection and quality assurance applications and also Designed to yield high magnifications at long working distances


Olympus BX45 Binocular Microscope come with ergonomic concerns which flexibility helps the operator maintain an upright, comfortable posture, especially beneficial for prolonged observation periods.

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