Analytical Instruments 

Analytical Instruments

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Agilent 1290 Infinity Series is the most adaptive UHPLC system and the most powerful because can handle the widest range of applications HPLC to UHPLC


SP SCIENTIFIC Genevac Rocket Chemi RKCM-23050-SNN has remained an industry leader by partnering with customers to understand the obstacles involved in using centrifugal evaporation/concentration systems


TSQ Quantum Ultra Featuring the proprietary Thermo Scientific HyperQuad quadrupole mass analyzer system and provides ultimate productivity for bioanalytical analysis. 


TruScan RM handheld Raman spectrometer can Acquire reliable material identity verification within Minutes


Mettler Toledo XP56DR Microbalance Offering a capacity of 52 g with 0.002 mg readability, these balances are ideal for weighing small samples directly into the tare containe and set new world standards in terms of weighing performance, user friendliness and regulatory compliance

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GE AKTA Purifier 100 FPLC is a fast protein liquid chromatograph or FPLC, which is capable of handling a wide range of wavelengths. This FPLC has a capacity of up to 100 ml per minute

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Agilent 6890 N  Gas Chromatograph (GC) systems  one of the best Gas Chromatograph (GC) systems which produces excellent results for various research laboratory applications including hydrocarbon processing, food safety, pesticide determination, chemical analysis, biodiesel, drug screening, toxicology, environmental and law enforcement

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Mettler Toledo XP2U Ultra Microbalance is an innovative ultra-microbalance, providing optimal weighing performance and designed to boost efficiency and reliability as well as support network compatibility.

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